Friday, October 31, 2008 it FINALLY over?

WOW!!!! What a CRAZY week! I'm so glad halloween is finally over. We had a Dr.'s apt this week, pictures, Madi got her ears pierced, 2 carnival/fall festivals and tonight, we went to the national peanut festival. (our annual fair). It was darn chilly for us Southerners. It was probably upper 40's lower 50's but I was freezing my batooty off! The kids did great but Caleb did have one melt down on one of the rides in kiddie land. I guess maybe he's not a roller coaster boy. He MUST get that from his father because growing up, it was the roller coasters I ran to first. Maybe not when I was 2 though.

Funds were tight this year so the kids didn't have a matching theme like they usually do. Olivia was an Alabama cheerlearder and what a cute one she was. Caleb was Raggedy Andy for the second year in a row, and Madi just wore a pumpkin sleeper with matching hat. They were still really cute. At our Church's fall festival, I saw the CUTEST baby costume EVER! The baby was in a baby chick costume and the mom was wearing him/her in a sling and around the sling, they attatched a large KFC bucket. It was SOOOOO stinking adorable. I don't know why I never think of these things!

Then, one of the families from our church went as characters from the wizard of Oz. They have 3 boys and a girl. The parents don't typically dress up but I think since they FINALLY got their little girl, that the mom is just REALLY into stuff like that now. The dad was the wizard, the mom was Dorothy, the baby was the good witch, and the brothers were the scarecrow, tin man and the lion. I absolutely LOVED it. We actually considered having the kids be characters from the wizard of oz. (what cute lollipop kids they would make!) I also thought about 3 scarecrows. 3 pumpkins. Maybe next year we can do the wizard of oz. Who knows what next year holds and my brain hurts trying to think that far ahead. LOL

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