Friday, October 31, 2008 it FINALLY over?

WOW!!!! What a CRAZY week! I'm so glad halloween is finally over. We had a Dr.'s apt this week, pictures, Madi got her ears pierced, 2 carnival/fall festivals and tonight, we went to the national peanut festival. (our annual fair). It was darn chilly for us Southerners. It was probably upper 40's lower 50's but I was freezing my batooty off! The kids did great but Caleb did have one melt down on one of the rides in kiddie land. I guess maybe he's not a roller coaster boy. He MUST get that from his father because growing up, it was the roller coasters I ran to first. Maybe not when I was 2 though.

Funds were tight this year so the kids didn't have a matching theme like they usually do. Olivia was an Alabama cheerlearder and what a cute one she was. Caleb was Raggedy Andy for the second year in a row, and Madi just wore a pumpkin sleeper with matching hat. They were still really cute. At our Church's fall festival, I saw the CUTEST baby costume EVER! The baby was in a baby chick costume and the mom was wearing him/her in a sling and around the sling, they attatched a large KFC bucket. It was SOOOOO stinking adorable. I don't know why I never think of these things!

Then, one of the families from our church went as characters from the wizard of Oz. They have 3 boys and a girl. The parents don't typically dress up but I think since they FINALLY got their little girl, that the mom is just REALLY into stuff like that now. The dad was the wizard, the mom was Dorothy, the baby was the good witch, and the brothers were the scarecrow, tin man and the lion. I absolutely LOVED it. We actually considered having the kids be characters from the wizard of oz. (what cute lollipop kids they would make!) I also thought about 3 scarecrows. 3 pumpkins. Maybe next year we can do the wizard of oz. Who knows what next year holds and my brain hurts trying to think that far ahead. LOL

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baby fever. Will it strike again?

Well, it appears the water is once again contaminated with fertility. Seems I have many friends and family that are pregnant, trying to become pregnat, or just had a baby. I keep seeing pics of all these babies. I keep having these bitter sweet feeling over Madison growing so fast before my eyes and I keep telling myself, it's only a matter of time before baby fever strikes again. Only this time, the well has gone dry. At least on my husbands end of things. I sent him to the vet after Madison was born. My poor body needs a break in such a bad way. I've been pregnant or an all you can eat milk buffet for 5 years now. I NEED A BREAK!!! lol Jeremy never thought he'd hear the day when I said I don't want to be pregnatn. He still won't let himself believe it. Though I'm done having babies, I still don't really have that "our family is complete" feeling. Maybe we should go buy a dog. I wonder if that would help? No really, I would LOVE to adopt or foster to adopt a baby boy in about 4 years. I need to get the others off to school first. My nerves will not be able to handle more than one kid at a time at the house 24 hrs a day at that point. I've already lost track of all the grey hairs. hahaha. Even dye doesn't hide them anymore and if I tried to pluck them all the sides of my head would be bald. Ok...that was abit of an exageration but it would definately be MUCH thinner. I haven't decided yet if the kids caused the grey, the husband, or the parents. (include in-laws in with parents). LOL I guess it could be the combination of all of them. I think it's about time for a "ME" cruise. Or a "mommy" cruise. I would SO love to get a bunch of us moms together and just leave the men with the kids for a week while we went sailing around the bahama's. Or an Alaskan cruise would be fun to!

So impatient

Ok! Last week we had our family Christmas photo's done at our photographers. She said to look for the proofs online in about a week. It will not have been a week until Thursday and I can't quit looking for them. Then, I took Madison tonight to Sears to get her 6 month photo's. There is this dress that's been our family for 40 years. My sister wore it at 6 mths, her girls did, I did, and my girls have. So, needless to say, it's a pretty special dress. Well, the proofs are available on line within 24-48 hrs. The photographer told me to log in after 5:00 PM tomorrow and see if they are there....that it is possible they will be. Now I'm on pins and needles wanting to view pictures! I know! Crazy huh? And of course Madison did WONDERFUL during the photo shoot. Smiles and giggles everywhere! You know what that means right? It means I want to spend more money on pictures that I can't really afford to. The only reason I went there is because I had a coupon for a package deal for $9.99 and a free 11 x 13. I knew alot of people would want them since it's a tradition with this dress and there was NO way we could afford to get pics for everyone from our regular photographer. We were the only session tonight from 6:00-close so they let me change her outfit 3 different times. Because they were all such great pictures, I just bought a proof collage of 6 different photo's to go along side the package deal. 2 pics in each outfit. I HAD to have it! lol
I think I've decided the most expensive things about having kids (other than diapers, formula, birthdays, Christmas, Proms, Weddings and grandkids) HAS to be photos! Actually, photo's are probably more expensive than some of the events I listed above. We have them made 2 times a year. Spring and Fall for our Christmas pics. (we do them the end of October so we will have them back by mid to late Nov and I can get them all addressed and out in the mail). So our family knows what it means when we hear people say they are picture poor. LOL
WOW!!! I never thought I could type all of that just over the thought of being impatient waiting on proofs! This is a picture of Madison in the family dress.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Fall

Fall is upon us and what a beautiful time of year. My kids stayed the night with my mother in law the other night and we met her at the botanical gardens to pick the kids up. It was a beautiful day! every Fall they have what is called scarecrows in the park. Different companies put of scare crow and they are judged. The kids LOVED them. They had so many different themes. We were able to get some cute pics of the kiddo's while there. We need to take them back out to the pumpkin patch so daddy can hang out with them and see how excited they get. That is another thing we did last week. We went to the pumpkin patch with my stay at home moms group. It was alot of work keeping 3 kids rounded up but it was ALOT of fun and the kids had a great time. It was another beautiful day. I just LOVE this time of year. :)