Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baby fever. Will it strike again?

Well, it appears the water is once again contaminated with fertility. Seems I have many friends and family that are pregnant, trying to become pregnat, or just had a baby. I keep seeing pics of all these babies. I keep having these bitter sweet feeling over Madison growing so fast before my eyes and I keep telling myself, it's only a matter of time before baby fever strikes again. Only this time, the well has gone dry. At least on my husbands end of things. I sent him to the vet after Madison was born. My poor body needs a break in such a bad way. I've been pregnant or an all you can eat milk buffet for 5 years now. I NEED A BREAK!!! lol Jeremy never thought he'd hear the day when I said I don't want to be pregnatn. He still won't let himself believe it. Though I'm done having babies, I still don't really have that "our family is complete" feeling. Maybe we should go buy a dog. I wonder if that would help? No really, I would LOVE to adopt or foster to adopt a baby boy in about 4 years. I need to get the others off to school first. My nerves will not be able to handle more than one kid at a time at the house 24 hrs a day at that point. I've already lost track of all the grey hairs. hahaha. Even dye doesn't hide them anymore and if I tried to pluck them all the sides of my head would be bald. Ok...that was abit of an exageration but it would definately be MUCH thinner. I haven't decided yet if the kids caused the grey, the husband, or the parents. (include in-laws in with parents). LOL I guess it could be the combination of all of them. I think it's about time for a "ME" cruise. Or a "mommy" cruise. I would SO love to get a bunch of us moms together and just leave the men with the kids for a week while we went sailing around the bahama's. Or an Alaskan cruise would be fun to!

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