Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Miss Heart of Houston County Pageant

Well, the pageant is over. It was quite an exhausting day. Madi did not place but was, of course, the most beautiful baby there! Olivia was second runner up. I was very proud of her as this was her first pageant. I may be in trouble though. She keeps asking when she can be in another one. This isn't something I was looking to getting my girls into as I think there is to much emphasis placed on external beauty and I don't want that instilled in her at such a young age. Ever for that matter. I know she's beautiful and alot of others do to but I'd much rather encourage God given abilities. Be it sports, music, art, whatever she decides to pursue. BUT I have always said if it is something SHE wants to do, I would allow it. I will never become one of those pageant moms that live vicariously through their daughter and force them to do pageants and grow up far before there time. If Olivia can't win a pageant in her natural beauty, then that a flaw of any judge that would choose a winner based on fake beauty (makeup and fake hair.) I'm so glad she had a great time and I will allow her to participate again. Because I had 2 girls in it in back to back age divisions, I think I got more stage time than anyone else. LOL It was quite exhausting. I had to have Jeremy at the bottom of the steps to the stage so I could hand one off as I walked the other one up. HAHAHA. We all came home and napped. I don't have any good pics of Madi. Jeremy was the photographer so blame him. lol But I will include a picture of Olivia. My beautiful daughter. She did have on lip gloss and mascara so you could see her eyelashes. Other than that, she was all natur-el.

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